Lev AC Rosen


Jack of Hearts Cover Reveal

The wonderful folks over at LGBTQReads have released the cover of my upcoming novel, Jack of Hearts (and other parts) unto the world! I love this cover. Not just because Jack is rocking that cat-eye, but because of his expression - not aggressive, not defensive, just proud.  And proud is another word for unashamed.  Which is what this book is about.  I keep telling people, it's not a coming out book, it's a staying out book. And what I mean by that is it's a book about someone who is already proudly out, and has supportive friends and family (as many a coming out book ends) - but the world in which we live (even liberal NYC) is always trying to get queer people to be "good gays" - to conform to some straight ideal of a gay person.  And every day of being out is a fight against that - coming out again and again, figuring out if your choices are ones you're making because of what you want, or because it's the choice you know society wants you to make, deciding what being queer means to you.  

It's also about sex - and the book doesn't shy away from that.  Remember that Teen Vogue article?  It came out just after I wrote the book, and let me tell you, I felt scooped.  But it didn't cover BDSM, so I feel like I'm still breaking new ground here.  It's not smut or anything (sorry), but Jack is unapologetically slutty, and he writes a sex advice column, so sex was going to be in here. And some sex-ed, too.  Beyond condoms on bananas.  

I'm so excited for you guys to meet Jack on October 30th.  In the meantime, I hope you'll spread the word, get excited, and make room in your hearts (and your pants) for Jack.  


Lev Rosen