The Memory Wall

The Memory Wall“Rosen adeptly explores memory and personal history as well as the loneliness of losing a parent, the complexity of biracial origins, and the metaphors of a quest and a divided city… Thoughtful, earnest, and gratifying.”

“Rosen crafts a complex, emotional story about grief and acceptance…a strong, thought-provoking novel.”
Publisher’s Weekly

“Most poignant, the details and realities of Alzheimer’s are depicted with care and accuracy. The severity of the disease and the impact that it has on an entire family are brought into sharp focus…. A complex and emotionally rich selection that offers a nuanced and needed perspective on the grieving process.”
School Library Journal

Severkin is a brash, brave gray elf treasure hunter. He slinks through the shadows of Wellhall’s spiraling stone towers armed with twin daggers and a bow and arrows, plunders ancient ruins, and slays fearsome monstrosities with ease.

Nick is twelve, and not Severkin–not in real life, anyway. Nick is convinced his mother’s diagnosis of early-onset Alzheimer’s is a mistake, but no one believes him. His only escape is the high-fantasy online multiplayer world of Wellhall, where, as Severkin, he can face any problem with strength and skill. But then Nick finds himself fighting alongside Reunne, and older gray elf who reminds him of someone he knows in real life, someone he thought he had lost. And his worlds begin to collide…

“Between a devastating illness, an online quest, family history, and school-based drama, there’s a lot going on here, but the novel weaves the various threads into an engrossing whole…Overall, it’s a lovely, heartwarming story of a young man negotiating personal crisis with the help of games, friends, and family, perfect for readers who appreciate a blend of fantasy and realism.”
Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

“Rosen pens a compelling book, alternating between reality and gaming with ease. His world building in Wellhall is stunning, sure to draw readers in with his vivid descriptions and imagery. In the end, this story speaks to the deepest longings of our hearts and the things we do to save the ones we love.”
BookRiot Best Book We Read in July

“Onayemi is an able interpreter of this emotionally charged novel.”

“A beautiful, gorgeous account of a very real struggle.”
The Artolater