small depth cover“A breathtaking backdrop that’s equally fearsome and decadently alluring… Depth is also starkly glamorous, telegraphed in clipped prose and sharp dialogue that’s as taut as a garrote.”


“An enthralling murder mystery set in an intriguing world…Dive in.”

-The London Sun

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Finalist for the Shamus Award for best first PI Novel

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When the polar ice caps melted, America’s East Coast became an underwater graveyard—except for New York City. Today, a million people make their home among the skyscrapers poking through the ocean waves. A million people who like to live by their own rules—including Simone Pierce, one of the best private investigators in the city.

It starts out as a routine surveillance job: cheating husband, attractive blonde.  Something feels off, though, and when the husband turns up floating in the water with a hole in him, the cops like Simone for the murder.  If she can just find the blonde, she’ll clear her name, but instead she stumbles onto a strange network of power brokers and art collectors, all looking for a treasure that can’t possibly exist. As she struggles to find the murderer, Simone is only sure of one thing: she can’t trust anybody, not even herself, because the city she grew up in might have more secrets than even she knows.

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“If you’re looking for a post-apocalytpic story that does things a little differently, Rosen’s sophomore outing should be just your glass of gin.”
Barnes and Noble Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog

“Simone is a female detective in the Kinsey Millhone and V.I. Warshowski mold: tough, tenacious, and pragmatic. The real star of this noir take on dystopia is the crumbling, barnacle-encrusted landscape of New York.”
Library Journal

“In Depth, Lev AC Rosen has created a smart detective in an intriguing, but remarkably realistic, atmosphere… Readers will not only enjoy traversing this simulacrum of the Big Apple, they’ll be sucked into a maelstrom of a plot that pays homage to some of our best hardboiled heroes.”
The Mysterious Bookshop Staff Favorite

“It’s in this eerie, enchanting setting that Lev AC Rosen unfurls his wonderfully original bit of detective noir…Depth breathes fresh air into both mystery and post-apocalyptic fiction.”
Diesel Bookstore Staff Pick

“Rosen has written an intrigue-laden detective story that takes advantage of the setting’s mystique. This is a quick read that never feels rushed. Secrets flow like the tide, everybody is hiding something, and trust can get you killed.”
Science Fiction Book Club

“I have long admired Lev Rosen’s strange, genre-bending work,  and DEPTH is an exciting display of his many gifts.  His vision of post global-warming Manhattan is richly imagined and noir-ishly melancholy,  and his riff on the traditional detective story is elegant,  surprising,  and, yes,  deep.”
–Dan Chaon,  author of AWAIT YOUR REPLY and STAY AWAKE

“Heinlein meets Hammett in this whip-smart whodunnit set amid the billowing fog and rising waters of author Lev AC Rosen’s dystopian vision of a future New York in which the truth, like the monuments and skyscrapers of the city’s past, seems always to lie just below the surface.”
— Chuck Greaves, award-winning author of HUSH MONEY, GREEN-EYED LADY, and THE LAST HEIR.

“Unlike many futuristic novels, the world we find ourselves in is beautifully woven into the fabric of the storyline turning what could be just an ordinary detective story into a rich dystopia… This is an excellent read, one that cannot be put down.”
–5/5 from Geek Syndicate

“Rosen may have produced the most satisfying mix since Richard Paul Russo’s much under-valued Carlucci series”
Crime Time

Depth has all the tropes of hardboiled noir delivered with an unusual twist.”
–Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

“The author has pulled off quite a balancing act here, creating a fully fleshed-out detective story that keeps powering forward with high-level energy, and at the same time pulling us into a crazily off-balance world that delights with each water-soaked new chapter.”
Bookshelf Fantasies

“A joy to read and I hope for a sequel – it was that entertaining… Depth was it for me: a little sci fi, a little noir, and a lot of fun.”
The New Ulm Journal

“Everything about this book is just effortlessly cool… Depth is one of the most original crime novels I’ve read in a long time.”
Bookshelf Butterfly

“Rosen drew me in like a moth to a flame… Depth is a fresh take on dystopian fantasy. Rosen is a definite author to watch and love.”
— 5/5 from Nihil Sed Tempus

“This is probably the finest fiction novel I’ve read for a while. It has everything you could ask for and delivers, even up to the the final page… Totally engrossing.”
Horror Cult Films

“I enjoyed every minute of Depth. It was entertaining and had the perfect mix of post apocalyptic and noir.”
Literary Escapism