The Memory WallThe Memory Wall is Lev’s second novel for young readers. In it, Nick Reeves’ mother is going to live at a home, because her supposed early-onset Alzheimer’s is making it dangerous to live at their real home.  Nick is convinced she’s been misdiagnosed, though, and is searching for a way to prove it, and rescue her.  He thinks he finds one in the video game they used to play together – a way she’s reaching out to him from the home, using the game’s online capabilities, and telling him what he needs to do to save her.


small woundabout

Woundabout, a middle grade novel, follows the adventures of Connor and Cordelia King, with their pet Capybara, Kip.  After an accident at their parents capybara-training ranch leaves Connor and Cordelia parentless, they go to live with their Aunt Marigold in the very odd town of Woundabout, where questions are discouraged, and routine is required.  Beautifully rendered illustrations by Lev’s brother Ellis fill the book – over 100 of them!



small depth coverDepth, Lev’s second novel for adults, is classic noir in a post-apocalyptic world.  In a world where the ice caps have melted, and all that’s left of New York City is the tops of buildings over the water, detective Simone Pierce gets involved in a case that may be over her head.  One of Amazon’s best books of the year.




All Men of Genius

Lev’s first novel, All Men of Genius, is a steampunk novel inspired by both Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, and Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest. The novel follows Violet Adams as she disguises herself as her twin brother to gain entry to Victorian London’s most prestigious scientific academy, and once there, encounters blackmail, mystery, gender confusion, talking rabbits and killer automata.



The short story “Painting” was the first to be featured in the New Voices section of Esopus Magazine, introduced in the Spring 2004 issue.

“This first offering from Lev AC Rosen, a recent graduate of Oberlin College, ponders the relationship between art and family, friendship and love, past and present, in layers of white and purple.” Read more here.