Depth is a finalist for the Shamus Award!

So, it seems Depth is one of five books up for the Shamus award for best first PI Novel.  I am genuinely honored and excited by this for a number of reasons.  I’ll be frank: I’d put the odd of Depth winning at slim to none, especially considering some of the books it’s up against.  But being a finalist – something I didn’t think would happen – is incredibly exciting.

The Shamus Awards are given out by the Private Eye Writers of America, which is, I think, like a more specific Mystery Writers of America.  They’re a professional organization, like the MWA or SFWA.  Which is why I’m so excited.  You see, I was never sure if mystery readers and writers would embrace Depth.  My intention with it, as I’ve said before, was always to write a classic, hard-boiled noir, that felt vintage, but was in a future world – going forward to move back.  I figured the sci-fi world would be okay with this – hybrids are usually something science fiction folks can get behind.  But the mystery world, to my mind anyway, was a harder sell.  So, to have this professional mystery writers organization not just acknowledge my book, but say it was good private eye fiction means the world to me.

So, thank you, to whomever has picked up Depth and thought to themselves “well, I like a good mystery, but this is a little out of my wheelhouse” and then read it anyway.  And I’m sorry if you decided it wasn’t your cup of tea (a perfectly reasonable response), but thank you for trying it out anyway.  To have mystery writers interested in what I’m trying to do with the genres is just fantastic, and makes me so happy.  This nomination, for me, is like getting several awards already.

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