More Depth stuff! And Woundabout Stuff!

Just a final reminder that if you’re in the NYC area tonight, I’m reading at the New York Review of Science Fiction.  It’s a longer reading, too, so it should be pretty exciting, if you enjoy readings, anyway.  Information is here.  There’s also going to be a video recording of the reading up, so if you miss it, you can watch it there.

I just did this great interview with the always amazing Ryan Britt over on Electric Literature.

I also have a couple of radio interviews coming up:

On June 11th, I’m going to be on Hour of the Wolf on WBAI.  It’s on around midnight, I believe (maybe 1:30?), so if you don’t want to stay up for it, the recorded version should be online afterwards.  I’m going to read a short story on the air, and I’ll probably be exhausted, so if you want to hear me mispronounce some words, you’re probably going to get what you want.

Right after that, on June 13th, I’m going to be on Judith Regan’s talkshow on Sirius.  That’ll be at noon, so a much more normal time – but again, I suspect if you miss it, there’ll be a recording of it available later.

And, if you’re a UK reader, Depth is coming out in the UK and Australia this Friday!  I think I’ll be doing some articles over there, too, so be on the lookout.  The cover is pretty much the same, but the UK version is softcover.  Which was actually how I’d always envisioned the book – a sort of dime-story paperback found in the gutter that you decide to read anyway.  Which is why when I got my copies of the UK version, I decided to have a little photoshoot with them (you may remember, I love underwater photography).  Here are some of my favorites:

And then, after it started to fall apart, I did a little collage.


I think those all came out pretty near, and I have several more copies of the book, so I don’t mind this one getting destroyed.  I also took several movies of it sinking and such, but I’m not super familiar with iMovie, so I need to learn and play around with that before I show it off.

Meanwhile, while all this Depth stuff is still going on, Woundabout is coming out at the end of this month! I just got my own copy last week, and it is beautiful!  Something about seeing the illustrations printed on the page just makes it so real.

There have been some reviews already, all of them very kind.  I’m really thrilled to see how many people are understanding what I was trying to do.  And I’ll be at ALA this year!  I don’t have my exact schedule yet, but I think I’ll be at the Little, Brown booth on Saturday.  More information as we get closer to that.

But a lot of stuff is happening!  Hope you’ll stop by tonight or tune into the radio, and above all, pick up a copy of the book(s)!  Hope to see you tonight!