Upcoming Depth Events!

Hey, so with Depth coming out in ONE WEEK, I thought I’d let you all know about the exciting events (LEvents?) I’ll be reading and signing at.  They’re all in NYC for now, but there maybe more further afield in the future.  In the meantime, if you’re local, I hope you’ll stop by!

May 1st: Launch Party!  At the Mysterious Bookshop at 6:30 pm.  The Mysterious Bookshop is at 58 Warren street, downtown, and is an amazing bookshop, if you’ve never been there.

May 6th: HiFi Reading Series! At the Hifi at 8pm.  The Hifi is at 169 Avenue A, on the lower east side.  So this is an especially exciting reading because not only will I be reading, but I chose three of my favorite up and coming speculative fiction writers to read with!  Two are former students, and one I went to grad school with.  It’s going to be an amazing evening, and you should come, especially if you’re an agent or editor looking to snatch up some fresh talent.  These are some great folks I’m reading with.  The Hifi Reading series is also just an amazing series you should check out in general.

June 2nd: New York Review of Science Fiction! At the Soho Gallery for Digital Art at 7pm.  The gallery is at 138 Sullivan Street, in Soho.  I’ll be reading with Adam Sternbergh, author of Shovel Ready and it’s sequel Near Enemy, which are both excellent noirs set in a different kind of post-apocalyptic NYC.  He’s describing it as “dueling apocalyptic visions of New York” because “readers love duels.”  I prefer greco-roman oil wrestling, though, so that’s what I plan on doing at the event.  I assume he’s prepared for that.

That’s everything on the calendar for now. But there may be more in the future!  In the meanwhile, there’s still a week to pre-order Depth!  Hope to see you at the events!

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