And lo, the Depth publicity has begun

It think I tweeted a while back that you can always tell when you’re entering publicity period because suddenly you have to write a dozen 600 word articles.  Which is true.  The hard part is making them not all sound the same.  Seriously, it’s hard – people tend to want to know about just a few aspects of your book (Why Shakespeare?  Why Noir?), and you have to find the variances in those aspects.  Or come up with a left-field sort of topic that they’ll really like.

Anyway, with Depth coming out in just about 5 weeks, some of the publicity stuff for that has begun!  So I had two articles pop up over the weekend, one on Publisher’s Weekly on cover art, and how when you let go of the control (which you have to do) and the anxiety of letting someone else paint your vision, sometimes the results can be unexpected!  (though I did not come up with that headline).  And one on the Mulholland Blog about my favorite noir and the mixing of science fiction and noir.  It’s about having to go forward to go back.

But what was really exciting is that Anne Rice shared that first article on Facebook!

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 3.34.31 PM

Yeah, I took a screen shot.  No shame.  Anne Rice linking to my article and my GIANT FACE right below.  There’s a lot of discussion happening on her page, too, but I’m not sure if I’m allowed to dip my toe into it, or if that’s in bad taste and would make everyone uncomfortable, so I’m staying on the sidelines.

Anyway, all of these little articles are written with the hope that you’ll pre-order the book.  Pre-orders are so so important.  Your book really only has a few weeks after coming out to make an impression (aka sales), otherwise, folks move on.  So please, if you’re thinking an oldschool hardboiled noir in a flooded-by-melted-icecaps-NYC sounds like your thing, go ahead and pre-order.  Or, honestly, just if you like a good mystery.  Don’t worry if scifi isn’t your particular genre of choice.  The mystery is the main thing here.

There have been a few early reviews of it, which are positive, and some people are really excited about it.  I know, it sounds desperate to ask for pre-orders, and I’m trying not to beg, but I’m just so pleased with this book, guys.  I want people to read it.  And you, dear reader, are probably people. Unless you’re a robot lurking on the web or that enhanced-intelligence penguin that’s been following me everywhere.  But even you, robot and penguin would possibly enjoy this book (if you can get past the melted icecaps thing, penguin).

And, if you happen to by in NYC, there’s going to be a launch party! May 1st, Mysterious Bookshop. Here’s all the info.  Really excited about this, since I’ve been to a few signings at Mysterious, and they’re just amazing.  Legendary, really.

Anyway, that’s all that’s happening now.  There’ll be more stuff soon – a podcast I did with my brother for Woundabout, a post on the blog of someone very famous… lots of stuff.  Stay tuned.