Woundabout Cover Reveal

Woundabout bleed w_Half_petals


There it is!  There’s a chance it’ll be altered slightly before it’s published (which is still so far away – June 25, 2015), as Ellis likes to tinker with things to make them perfect.  But I’m really proud of him.  It’s a great cover.  I’m also hoping to put up a little bit about how we got to this cover at some point.

In the meantime, enjoy the cover.  It’s a wonderful piece of art and I think really sets up this story of two orphans and their capybara.  It’s a modern fairy tale conspiracy story, with aspects of Buddhism, paganism, a bit of steampunk, and I think, a very American vibe.  It’s almost like a classic American Tall Tale, but 50 years later – the consequences of the tall tale.  And I think this cover really captures that sense of the fantastic and the mysterious, all while grounded in something very modern.  I hope you like it!  Stay tuned for more!