RIP Lauren Bacall

I’m not usually one to feel personally attached to celebrities.  I admire their work, mourn the loss of future work, all that, but I’ve always thought Lauren Bacall was special.  On a personal level.  I can’t really explain it – I mean, I never met her, I know nothing about her.  But I love her work.  I find her inspirational.  She resonates with me.  She lived a good long life, and she did some astounding work.  It sounds presumptuous, but I’m going to miss her.  So I’m going to leave you with some clips.  they don’t seem to be embedding right, so just click the links.

This was her first appearance on screen.  She was 18.

She married Humphrey Bogart.  They had some of the best chemistry I’ve ever seen on screen.

There are plenty of short video bios, and interviews online.  If you don’t know much about her or her films, you should rent them.  My favorite is The Big Sleep, but How to Marry a Millionaire is on netflix streaming, and also a brilliant one.  She’s really one of the most magnificent presences I’ve experienced.  She’s enthralling.  And the world is a shade less enthralling without her in it.