New Book in the All Men of Genius Series

Lovely Geniuses-

I’m so pleased to announce today that I sold a new book in the All Men of Genius series, and it should be coming out in November.

What is this new book, you ask?  Well, it’s not a sequel.  In fact, it’s a children’s picture book.  And it’s called The Adventures of Oscar.

The book follows Oscar, the talking rabbit, as he escapes from Illyria one day and find his way into London.  There, he meets children of all stations, from the very rich and their nannies, to the very poor who work under grueling conditions in factories.  And once he meets these children, he spews wildly inappropriate language at them.  You’ll thrill as Oscar shouts “bugger and f*ck!” over and over again when on a conveyor belt in the factory.  You’ll laugh when he jumps out of a baby carriage to shout “Sh*teballs!” at a nanny, and you’ll smile when he teaches your children new vocabulary, like “bugger off” and “sh*te for brains!”  (and don’t worry, in the book there won’t be any silly little asterisks blocking the good stuff).

The book will also be lovingly illustrated with watercolors, not just showing oscar and his adventures, but showing through simple images what his various exclamations mean.

This book is intended for children ages 2-6, but will be sure to delight your whole family. It should be available for preorder on amazon soon.  I’d especially like to thank my publisher, April Fools Books, for taking a chance on this.  I hope you all have a fantastic day!