The Wedding Post & #AskLev

Okay, it’s time.  I have some photos, and it’s been a while, so here, in brief, is THE WEDDING POST.

ringsSo these are the engagement rings.  Made by my mother.  Mine is the white gold with green gold accents and the ice sapphire.  Chris’ is green gold with white gold accents and a cornflower sapphire.

final cake topperthis is our wedding cake topper.  It was custom-made by Lisa Snellings, who is an amazing artist.  We collect her work.  We have lots of her poppets, and it was really special to have her do the cake topper because the first present Chris ever got for me was a piece by her.  We usually exchange poppets on Valentine’s day, too.  If I hear any one of you going “awwww” I will find a way to make the webpage slap you.  No “awwwing.”  I’m also thrilled to say I’ve spoken to Lisa, and she is just so amazing and kind.  If you are still looking for a great present for someone for the holidays, get them a poppet.  Everyone loves poppets.

All the photos from here on out at by our photographers, Weddings By Two, who really seemed to get that we didn’t want overly romantic, hand-holding, sunset sort of photos.  We wanted noir-esq flirtatious photos that had some tension.  But no lovey-doveyness.



Again, if I hear a single “awww,” I swear…



They’re also putting up with me and my “but what if we cropped this photo like so” control-freakness during the album portion.  And they use vintage cameras and cool lights to give the photos an old-school feel.  We really like them.




So, I can’t show too many other photos – I don’t have permission from our guests to just throw photos of them on the internet, but I do want to talk about our amazing florist, Lilli, of Mimosa Floral.  Really cannot say enough good things about her.  We went to this other florist originally, and told him our colors and that we were going for an art deco style and that I wanted silver brunia and Chris wanted purple tulips (in the fall, cause he likes being difficult), and also a chuppah, and the florist had done some really odd sketches that didn’t seem right and also quoted us a price four times our budget.  When we asked if he could bring the cost down, he said he didn’t think a wedding was possible on our budget.  Then we found Lilli.  Not only did she do everything within budget, but the day of the wedding she surprised us – she had had purple tulips specially reserved.  I wish I could show you guys photos of the chuppah, too, but there are none of just the chuppah, sadly.  But it was BEAUTIFUL, art deco, and lit up.  Instead, I’ll just show you some flowers.



Aren’t those fiddleheads amazing?  And yes, our tables were named after old pulp novels. I’ll get to the escort cards in a moment.



That’s us crushing the glass.  You can see the bottom of the Chuppah, and also the beautiful aisle flowers.

So, as you may know, Chris is a librarian, so for the escort cards, I had him order me some library cards, which I then tea-stained and aged, and filled out for each guest, with the title of the book they had supposedly checked out being the name of the table they were at.0782__lev_chris

See?  I’m pretty pleased with myself.  And while I’m showing you that, let me also show you the escort card set-up, also designed by Lilli.



We had sent her an image from BioShock which she based this on, not knowing it was from a video game.  You can’t see, but the skyline is actually coming out of a book.

The cake was also made by my mother.  And also amazing.



And in the background there you can see our band, The Manhattan Dolls.  Again, I can’t say enough good things.  They’re a group which does Andrews Sister-like 3 part close harmony, songs from the 30s, 40s, etc.  There was a LOT of dancing, and these women were just so fun and professional and kind.  They even took our first dance song and learned it in their style for us, even though it was written in 1980 or so (it’s from Xanadu, with Olivia Newton John?  Yeah.  Chris and I both loved the musical and the movie and our first official date was actually Xanadu night at the Coney Island Roller Rink).

The band also photographs beautifully.






That last one may be my favorite photo from the night.

In any case, it was wonderful!  The whole night was an amazing success and then Sandy came and we had to go stay with my old roommate on the upperwest side.  Like a honeymoon.

And I hope I didn’t overly bore you with  slides from my wedding.  It could have been worse.  I have over 600 photos.  Be glad you’re not related to me.

But if you’ve made it this far, I also have something else to announce.  I’ve decided I should interact with fans more, and more specifically, that I’d love to answer any questions you may have for me.  You can ask them in the comments below, or use twitter.    Tweet at me, or use #AskLev or both.  Seriously, I’d love to answer any (appropriate) questions you may have, about All Men of Genius, future books, writing, teaching, etc.  Whatever you can think of.  From now until New Years.  Think of it as a Holiday gift.


Oregon Whale!


So this is pretty shameless blurbing, but my friend Sam, who designed Violet’s lockpicking game, just released his first game for iOS – called Oregon Whale.  About a Farmer who packs up his stuff in a wagon, which he hitches to… a whale… and then swims for Oregon.  It may be a parody of something from your youth?  (It might not, but don’t tell me, then I’ll feel old).

Anyway, it’s really fun, and the music, by Ian Faleer, who also did the music for Violet’s lockpicking game, is awesome as well.

I’ve been playing it for a few hours now, and I’m, honestly, pretty awful at it, but you should check it out if you have an iOS device.  It’s just 99 cents.

Anyway, enough with the shameless plug for an awesome product.  It’s better if the creators themselves talk about it, so here are some links to Sam and Ian discussing the game.  Go check it out.  I’ll be posting about the wedding soon.  Just waiting for photos.