Contest Winners, Guest Blogs and Book Recommendations!

Okay, so we have two winners of signed paperbacks!

From the blog comments, our winner is Puck!  And from twitter, our winner is @avi2kat!  Congrats!  I’ll be emailing you to ask who you’d like the book made out to, and where you’d like it sent.

Thank you all for entering.  And if you didn’t win, there will be more contests in the future, I’m sure, and if you go buy a book and bring it to a reading or event I’ll be at, I’ll be happy to sign it!

Meanwhile, I’ve been doing the rounds a bit, and I have a few guest posts up:  First, at A Reader of Fictions, a post about my favorite Shakespeare adaptations.  Then, at To Read or Not to Read, a bit about where I got the idea to use Shakespeare and Wilde.  So please go, read, comment!

And finally, I’d love to bring your attention to some other books that have come out recently which I highly recommend.  The first is The Rise of Ransom City, by Felix Gilman.  This is a sequel to his amazing The Half-Made World.  I highly recommend both.  I actually blurbed the Rise of Ransom City, and what I said was:

“The Rise of Ransom City continues Felix Gilman’s brilliant deconstruction of the mythology of the American West, putting it back together with magic and mechanics, and creating something so imaginative it seems to punch you in the chest. Narrator Professor Harry Ransom is a compelling voice; a teller of tall tales and showman, but whereas the snake-oil salesmen of the American West sold piss and ink, Ransom has a genuine miracle to sell. He is both liar and totally honest in ways that are sly and funny and sometimes tragic. This is a fantastic story of a war and a life told with incredible humanity and pizzazz, by a narrator who, like the world he inhabits, is bold and colorful and a wholly new sort of magic.”

All of which I stand by fully.  These books are such a pleasure, and not just to the merry post-modernist prankster of my soul (although they do make him very very happy), but also to the lover of magical realism and the lover of beautiful words strung into beautiful sentences.  So I highly recommend them.

Also out as of yesterday is Ekaterina Sedia‘s new short story collection, Moscow but Dreaming.  I haven’t read every story in it, but Sedia is one of most marvelous magical writers out there.  Her writing goes from silk in the wind to a spike through the eye in moments and without feeling pushed or unnatural.  It’s also really really smart.  So check that one out, too, as well as her previous novels.  Her steampunkish novel is called The Alchemy of Stone, and was the first I ever read by her.

And finally, speaking of steampunk, Cherie Priest‘s new Clockwork Century novel, The Inexplicables, came out the same day as the paperback of All Men of Genius did.  I haven’t read it yet (it’s on my holiday wishlist), but it’s Cherie Priest, so you know it’ll be good, right.

So check out all those books, after you’ve bought several copies of mine, of course.  And congrats again to the winners!


BookMitzvah! And Signed Paperback Giveaway

I don’t know what the term is when your book comes out in paperback though it’s been out in hardcover for a year or so.  So I’m calling it a bookmitzvah, for today, my book becomes a gender-non-specific adult.

So yeah, the paperback is out as of yesterday!  And there’s going to be lots of guest posts coming up.  In fact, there’s one already: The My Favorite Bit on Mary Robinette Kowal‘s blog.  I’m giving away some passwords to the deleted scenes over there.  So go check it out.

I’ll be sure to share more posts as they occur, but I can tell you I’ve been interviewed by the always fantastic Gail Carriger (update: the interview is up!) and I’m currently working on posts about favorite shakespeare adaptations, ways to get over writers block, and many many more.

Also exciting: the paperback has been out one day, but Amazon only 8 copies left of the paperback (as of 2:30EST).  If Amazon sells out by Friday morning, I’ll do something special for all of you on my blog.  I’m not entirely sure what that is, but you should feel free to leave suggestions in the comments.

In the meantime, in honor of All Men of Genius’ BookMitzvah, I’m going to be giving away two signed paperbacks!  That’s right, TWO.  So, there are two ways to enter.  The first is to leave a comment below.  The second is to tweet a link to this post! (make sure to put @LevACRosen somewhere in the tweet, but not at the beginning – that way I’ll be sure to see it, but more importantly, so will everyone else).  One winner will be chosen from the comments, one from twitter, so you have a chance to win two signed copies, made out to whomever you want!  And if you’ve already ordered a copy, then let me say that signed books make excellent holiday gifts.  So share the contest!  And help me come up with ideas on what to do if Amazon sells out! So many exclamation points!

Oh, and the winners will be declared on Nov 28th; in 2 weeks.

And, thank you all so much for making this first year of published-author-dom a great one.  You guys, fans, the people who work hard getting my book out there, bloggers, all of you are amazing.  Thank you.

Paperback is out Tomorrow!

All right folks, the paperback is out tomorrow!  So this is your last chance to pre-order it.  If you’re thinking about buying it at any point in time, please please pre-order it, and get everyone you know to do likewise.  I can go on and explain about opening sales and hype and the insanity that is the publishing industry, but long story short, it would help the book (and me) quite a bit.  Great reviews are one thing, but hype… hype is different and so much more powerful.

Also, it’s come to my attention that Tor is doing a steampunk collection sweepstakes!  Not only is All Men of Genius included in the winning package, but also Cherie Priest‘s new book, The Inexplicables (which alas, I have not read) and The Rise of Ransom City, Felix Gilman‘s sequel to the Half-Made World, which I have read and I can tell you is sensational.  He does things that are so daring and interesting.  I think The Half Made World and The Rise of Ransom City are more than steampunk; they’re a deconstruction of the American West, sewn back together with magical realism and steampunk, and I highly recommend them.  So that contest is worth entering based on those three books alone, I think.  Plus, you can give the extra copy of All Men of Genius to a friend (since you’ll already have pre-ordered one, right?)

And speaking of contests, it’s time to announce the winner of the audiobook giveaway!  And that winner is… Mia! Congrats, Mia, I’ll be contacting you by email.

So check back tomorrow for the release of the paperback!  And you may also want to check out the blog of Mary Robinette Kowal tomorrow, as I have a guest post there and may be giving away some passwords.

See you back here tomorrow! And one last time, pre-order the paperback today, if you haven’t already!  And if you have, or are about to, thank you.  It means a lot to me.


Wedding, Hurricane, Giveaway

So yeah, I’ve been gone a while.

See, I sort of got lost in the endless downward spiral of wedding prep, but that ended when I finally got hitched on Oct 27th!  The wedding was amazing.  We don’t have photos yet, but we will soon, and I promise to do a whole post about it, cause it was just amazing.

Then, hurricane Sandy hit.  We live pretty far downtown, but still about 4, 5 blocks from the water.  So when we saw the water creeping in around our building, we were fairly surprised.  Technically, we were in the evacuation zone, but we didn’t think the water would reach us.  Though it was kinda cool.

What wasn’t cool was when the power went out.  We went and stayed with my old roommate and her husband on the upper-west-side, and only got back Friday.  We just got internet/TV/phone back last night, and we still don’t have heat or hot water.  I’ve been boiling water for baths, and we have an electric heater, but it’s still not ideal.  But I’m thankful; we still have a home, and we were only gone a week, and we have generous friends who put us up.

So, in honor of that, and because the paperback is coming out in less than ten days, on November 13th, I’m doing a giveaway!  The winner gets a copy of the audiobook, in CD form!  I’ll even try to sign it, and if I can’t, I’ll enclose a signed postcard.

All you have to do is comment below, and one person will be picked at random.  I’ll announce the winner on the 13th, the same day the paperback is released!  So comment below by the 12th.

And as I said, the paperback is out on the 13th – 8 days! Please please please pre-order it, or go to your local bookstore and reserve a copy and buy it on the 13th.  Those opening day sales can generate a lot of buzz, which can generate more sales, and more sales are good!  Do it as a wedding present for me.  😉

Meanwhile, there’s some other stuff happening.  I wrote a piece for Clarkesworld about the need for queer characters in science fiction and fantasy, and how they can help people become more accepting and maybe stop bullying and change the world for the better.  It sounds heavy, I know, and maybe you don’t give a fuck about queer people, but that’s all the more reason to read it.

And Tor is doing a goodreads giveaway of the paperback of All Men of Genius (which you should pre-order now).  If you pre-order it, and then win the contest, too, it makes a great Holiday gift.

So that’s whats been happening with me.  Wedding post soon!  And seriously, pre-orders are the best wedding presents.  I hope all of you are safe and sound and you haven’t been washed or blown away.  If you had to leave your home, I hope you’re as lucky as I am and can return soon and having loving friends and family who will take you in until then.

And, if you’re in the US and old enough and a citizen, don’t forget to vote tomorrow!  I won’t tell you who to vote for, but Romney thinks I shouldn’t be allowed to have kids (or treated like an actual person, really), wants to destroy FEMA, and paid zero taxes from 96-09, so you can guess who I’ll be voting for.