…so this is happening

yep.  That’s our wedding announcement/engagement photo.

It was created by my friend the amazing Desiree, who hired a photographer and then did the whole thing through photoshop.  Alas, she does not have a professional webpage, but if you’re interested in hiring her, feel free to comment and I’ll make sure she sees it.

We really aren’t a schmaltzy couple.  We wanted something fun and different.  So we decided on pulp.  I think it came out great.  What do you think?

(and if you have issues with my marrying a dude, don’t even bother commenting, it won’t show up)

And the Winner Is…


Our panel of judges has decided, and the winner is… Lisa!  Because the judges have a soft spot for Good Vibrations.  Lisa, Ill be emailing you for your info and I’ll get that out to you soon!  Congrats!

Also exciting news is that I did a really fun interview with Jeremy LC Jones over at Clarkesworld.  I recommend you check it out.  It may allude to a sequel…

Thank you, everyone for entering the contest.  The holidays are long over, but I hope they were good ones!