Library Reading Tonight!

Just a little reminder:  I’m reading at the mid-manhattan branch of the New York Public Library tonight at 6:30.  It’s part of the NYPL at Night program, so in addition to the usual scenes I read, I will also be reading one of the naughtier deleted scenes.  Possibly in a low sexy voice.  Possibly just in a low voice due to a cold.

Tonight is also the cutoff for entering the holiday giveaway contest.  After tonight I won’t be accepting any more entries and then this week I’ll look them over and put them to a panel of judges to announce a winner.  Which I’ll do later in the week.

Hope to see you all at the reading tonight!

Extension on Holiday Contest


So I’ve decided to extend the deadline for entering the Holiday Giveaway Contest until January 30th, to coincide with my reading at the New York Public Library.  And I’ve also decided to loosen up the rules.

So, yes, you can comment here, or on the original post to say what you’d get as a holiday present for any of the characters in All Men of Genius, or you can tell me what super-steampunked holiday present you’d most like to give to any historical figure.  Either way, the best entry will get a signed copy of the book.

Hope to see you all at the reading!

January is an Exciting Month

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a lovely New Years Eve.  I know I did.  There was a prominently featured swimming pool filled with champagne and lavender petals.  But even more exciting, I made a dozen best of the year lists!  I want to thank you all for being so amazing.  This was my first novel, and I really could not have expected such a warm, wonderful reaction, and so many amazing fans.  So thank you.

January is going to be an exciting month.  For starters, that contest for a signed copy of the book is still happening (although it occurs to me that perhaps I should make the rules less requiring of having read the book – more on that later).  I start teaching at Gotham Writers, I’ll be having an interview with the fabulous Paula Yoo, and perhaps most exciting of all, I have a reading at the New York Public Library on January 30th.

I hope all of you in the NYC area will come.

It’s going to be quite the month.  And I’ve been told it’s also award nomination season – so if any of you were inclined to nominate All Men of Genius for anything in the novel or debut author categories, I would be ever so appreciative.  It would make 2012 start off perfectly.

So that’s whats happening in January.  There will also be some new reviews coming out, including one in Locus (which is already out, I believe), and there’s more to come in February, including more interviews and such.  I really hope it’ll be a brilliant year for all of us.  Thank you guys again for making the last one so amazing.