This deserves a blog post all its own

An A- from The Onion’s A.V. Club.

“A nimble twist on Victorian romance that’s woven into Rosen’s intricate web of attractions, repulsions, and matrimonial machinations. But he never lets his mesh of relationships—or his fluid, playful views of sexuality—overwhelm a sprawl of vibrant, witty characters… Steampunk soap-opera, as elevated as it is, isn’t all Rosen has up his sleeve. Tackling the genre at its root, All Men slyly examines the psychology and the aesthetics behind the act of human invention.”

Blog Tour!

The book it out tomorrow!  And to celebrate, I’ll be on Blog-Tour this week, with guests posts at a different blog each day, and sometimes reviews of my book from the same blog!

Monday I’ll be at Mad Hatter
Tuesday I’ll be at Pink Raygun with a reviewbuttal & an interview over at Number One Novels
Wednesday I’ll be at Fantasy Cafe
Thursday I’ll be at Grasping for the Wind
And Friday I’ll be at Fantasy Book Critic with a review
& Bonus Review at The Book Smugglers!

This page will update with links and possibly more blogs as the week goes on, so check back often.  And go tell everyone you know to buy the book!

Lockpicking Game and TorChat!

Hello, my wonderful readers,

The book comes out a week from tomorrow, and I’m so excited about that.  But in the meanwhile, as you wait, there are some other exciting things happening:

Wednesday I’ll be participating in the TorChat on twitter.  It’s at 4pm, EST.  Use the hashtag #torchat to participate.  The chat is steampunk themed, and myself, along with the fantastic George Mann and Marie Brennan will all be there to take questions and talk about steampunk.  Plus, it’s being moderated by my amazing editor, and Queen of Steampunk, Liz Gorinsky.  It’ll be a lot of fun and hope you can participate.

And the other bit of exciting news is that my amazingly talented and brilliant friend Sam, over at WhileTrueFork has created an amazing game for me, now live on the website!  In the game you’re helping Violet test her lockpicking device, by adjusting knobs to open the lock.  For every five locks picked, a password for a deleted scene will be revealed!

Plus, if you like the music in the game, Sam and his crew are thinking of making it into a downloadable ringtone for iphones, for 99 cents.  But, they need about 20 people interested for it to be worthwhile, so if you like the music, and want it as a ringtone, comment here or send me an email and I’ll pass them along.

In the meantime, enjoy the game, enjoy the deleted scenes and I hope we can talk on torchat on Wednesday.  And of course, go pre-order the book!  There’s less than ten days left to do it!

Read 5 Chapters Online!

That’s right! I’ve put up the prologue and first two chapters on the website, and has chapters 5&6 up!  A great chance to preview one of Amazon’s Best Books of the month!

A great way to start off your week, and an excellent little sample of some LGBTQ friendly Shakespearean Scifi, if, for some reason, you’re looking for that.

Please share the news by posting on facebook and tweeting!  Thanks!

I Have Returned!

Hullo, Sweeties~

Sorry I’ve been gone so long.  There was much work to be done, and in the summer I am often away for long stretches of time.  But I’m back now, and with good reason: my book comes out this month.

Not until the end of the month – Sept 27th – mind you, but still, less than a month to go.  Very exciting.  And, as of yesterday, I have a copy of the final product.  I would have posted about this sooner, but I had to spend my time caressing it, and occasionally smelling it.  It smells good.

So I will share some images with you below, but first let me also say that a lot of press – nearly all of it positive – has been happening as well, the most exciting of which is being chosen as one of Amazon’s Best SF/F Books of September.  You can keep track of such things on the All Men of Genius Reviews Page, where I put blurbs and such all in one place, to go to when I’m feeling sad.

Also, there is a contest on goodreads – they’re giving away ten copies of the book.  And it’s only open to entries a few days more, so you’d better enter now.

There will be many additions and changes coming to this site in the near future; Fiona’s Hair Salon, a game, a new landing page, and if you’ve been watching you can see there are some new additions already: deleted scenes, reading group questions, and a short essay on what steampunk is all about.  If anything starts going wonky because of all the new additions, please bear with me.

I’m also pleased to say that closer to when the book comes out, I’ll be featured on a few other blogs, doing guest posts and interviews and such.  I’ll let you know more about that when it happens.

But now for the main event, photos of the final book.  You’ve seen most of the outside in old posts – the cover hasn’t particularly changed… but here’s a photo of a box of my books taken by my friend Bridget over at Tor:

Beautiful, isn’t it?


I do have some new images to share, though, such as the back of the book jacket, the spine of the book (so you can see how big it is) and the book beneath the jacket, which is also lovely, all green and gold with an embossed gear pattern on the front.  Here it all is:



That photo on the right there isn’t the best, I apologize, but you should be able to make out the pattern.  It’s the same as on the inside of the book.

That’s all I have to share with you today, I’m afraid.  But more soon, I promise, and go pre-order the book, if you haven’t.